Oxford Handbook of Urology (Oxford Handbooks Series) John Reynard, Simon Brewster, Suzanne Biers


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Oxford Handbook of Urology (Oxford Handbooks Series) John Reynard, Simon Brewster, Suzanne Biers ЗДОРОВЬЕ. For the doctor or nurse expected to provide the initial assessment and management of a condition with which he or she has had very limited experience, this book provides an invaluable source of information and advice. However, often doctors have very limited experience of the many common and varied conditions encountered in this important surgical specialty. The significance and appropriate management of common symptoms is described, providing (on a single page) a summary of the essential approach to a specific presenting complaint, be that haematuria, scrotal pain or bedwetting. While the description of urological conditions is comprehensive, the emphasis is on the practical approach to the conditions which are likely to be encountered. Common urological operations are described, to allow the General Practitioner, Accident and Emergency doctor, nurse or surgical trainee, rapid access to information concerning indications, pre-operative assessment, consent, and complications and their management. This handbook provides a comprehensive summary of urological disease and its management, in a form that is concise, relevant to the target audience and readily available. This applies not only to SHOs and specialist registrars on urology and surgical rotations, but also to General Practitioners, Accident and Emergency staff and the growing number of urological specialist nurses. Approximately 20% of all surgical operations and a similar percentage of surgical emergencies are urological in nature.

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