Dino Lemonofides British Cavalry Standards


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British Cavalry Standards Dino Lemonofides ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ. The book covers regular regiments of cavalry from the time of the Restoration and together with its companion volume forms a complete reference, of its type, on the subject of standards and colours of the British Army.The author would like to record his appreciation to The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards for permission to reproduce the colour plate of their new Standard, also to The Tank, Journal of the Royal Tank Regiment, for the loan of photographs and again to Soldier magazine for their kind and cheerful help and loan of photographs. Again, for the same reason, the heavy background pattern of damask silk which is a feature of many standards has been omitted. The general format of this book follows closely that of its companion, British Infantry Colours- for the sake of clarity, however, the coloured illustrations have not been kept at 54 mm as cavalry standards were relatively smaller than infantry colours.

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