Automotive Wiring and Electrical Systems (Workbench Series)


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Automotive Wiring and Electrical Systems (Workbench Series) ТЕХНИКА. Author Tony Candela explains how to complete popular wiring projects, such as adding late-model electronic accessories and convenience items to earlier-model cars, installing relays, designing and assembling multi-function circuits and harnesses, and much more.With this book in hand, you will be able to assemble, design, and build single- and multi-function circuits and harnesses, troubleshoot and repair existing circuits, and install aftermarket systems and electronics. Often, wiring and electrical work intimidates automotive do-it-yourselfers the most. All the tools and the proper equipment required for automotive electrical tasks are covered. Automotive Wiring and Electrical Systems is your essential guide for wiring a hot rod from scratch, modifying muscle car electrical circuits for cooling fans and/or power windows, or adding a premium stereo and other conveniences to modern performance cars. Electrons are invisible, and they can do unpredictable things in an untrained enthusiasts eyes! In addition, this in-depth guide explains how to perform more complex tasks, such as adding new circuits, installing aftermarket electronics, repairing existing circuits, building your own wiring harness, and troubleshooting. The basics of electrical principles, including voltage, amperage, resistance, and Ohms Law, are revealed in clear and concise detail, so the enthusiast understands what these mean in the construction and repair of automotive electrical circuits. Finally, there is an enthusiasts guide that takes the mysteries and misunderstandings out of automotive electrical design, modification, diagnostics, and repair.Automotive Wiring and Electrical Systems is the perfect book to unshroud the mysteries of automotive electrics and electronic systems. Its not mechanical, and therefore, its unfamiliar territory.

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