Building a New Millennium: Architecture Today and Tomorrow КУЛЬТУРА и ИСКУССТВО


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Building a New Millennium: Architecture Today and Tomorrow КУЛЬТУРА и ИСКУССТВО. This book illustrates and analyzes more than 80 projects by 50 well-known architects. The interplay between architecture and art is featured, as well as the increasing influence of economic, environmental and technological change! With new space age materials and very large sums of public and private money, todays architects experiment in creating innovative spaces in which cultural, religious, and other more mundane events can be experienced.(В это иллюстрированном издании, посвященном обзору современной архитектуры, показаны одни из самых впечатляющих сооружений 1990-х годов. This illustrated volume presents an interpretation of contemporary architecture, featuring some of the most impressive constructions of the 1990s. Эта книга иллюстрирует и анализирует более 80 проектов 50 знаменитых архитекторов.) ! While acknowledging the existence of local styles, Philip Jodidio--editor of a prestigious French art journal--emphasizes the global nature of architecture today. Прослежено взаимодействие между архитектурой и искусством, а также акцентировано внимание на усилении влияния экономического, экологического и технического прогресса. The selection of buildings here is truly multicultural, from the new Hong Kong airport and Kyotos train station to daringly designed homes, schools, museums, even contrasting styles of crematoria (one each from Germany and Japan).

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